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Chibi Knight medal walkthrough

2010-02-04 10:25:42 by Ergox

i didn't have anything to do so i really wanted to make a medal walkthrough for Chibi Knight.


at the point you start, go to the palace to your left. jump on the platform, the fountain (to jump on the fountain you need to get the magic boots by defeating the first boss) and the highest platform to free the pixie in a cage. when in the screen map, head north to the island where the island beast is, keep walking north passed the island untill you a sailing ship. go inside it and there you will find glitch the blacksmith, who will give you the axe for rescueing his pixie pet.

here are the medals: (155 Points at total, 8 Medals to earn)

Beat Island Beast
defeat the second boss (the first boss drops the boots that you have to get if you want to get to the island and defeat the second boss), he is at the most north corner
he boss spits out three fireballs each time it comes out. to attack it, you have to jump and hit his

Beat Canyon Beast
defeat the first boss, head south east and you will find him
to beat this boss, go up the platforms. When he is making furballs out of his drool, hit him while you can. he will throw the furballs in the air. to dodge them hide under the platform next to him when he almost finished making the 3rd furball. and renember that his tentacles can hurt you too.

DEMON-SLAYER - 25 Points
Defeat Demon Beast
defeat the third boss (first get the skull key from second boss and go through the tower of three knights), he is at the south west corner
The Demon beast flies above the moutain all the time, spitting down fireballs. climb up the stairs to reach the boss. to the left, right and on top of the mountain there are yellow orbs that you have to destroy. without the orbs demon beast won't be shielded from your attacks.
The demon beast will start moving all around the place, he will still be spitting fireballs down, so watch out. the best way to hit him is to stay on top of the mountain and hit him when he comes up or down. after you kill the demon beast, his eye will fall down, just beat it up. (the eye won't attack you)

CHIBI-MAGE - 10 Points
Get all 4 spells
get spells from all of the 4 hiding wizards:
Attack wizard: at the starting point, east (the house)
Shield wizard: at the north east corner (the destroyed house), you have to get 100 logs by choping trees with the axe and give them to the kid at the destroyed house
Life witch: at the north west corner, you have to chop down the tree with the sleeping bird on it, then a house will apear
Fire wizard: at the tower of tree knights, second floor, (from the stairs to the second floor: right, up, right, down at the first tunnel you find, right, and up. you will see the fire pot)

SPEED-RUNNER - 25 Points
Beat game without getting the axe and without getting any spells
don't talk to glitch the blacksmith and destroy all of the bosses straight up.

WORTY-CHIBI - 25 Points
Defeat all 3 knights
defeat red, green and purple knights at the tower of three knights, third floor.
Red Knight: When you enter, quikcly run to the right to dodge the swinging hammer that swings towards you. every time the knight is running to get his hammer hit him for as long as you can (the knight runs slow so you can take away all of his health if you have attack level 6). when red knight gets his hammer, run away quick or he will try to pound you with it and throw it again.
Green Knight: the green knight is immune to every one of your attacks and spells. When you start, jump on the first platform. when the statue spits out a rock (be careful because they can damage you), hit it and it will fly to the knight. when you are in front of the green knight he will hit you, so avoid him. When he reaches your platform, jump onto the platform in the middle. you will have to throw about 7 rocks at him to defeat him.
Purple Knight: (i recommend you have at least level 6 attack for this boss to defeat him quikly) when you enter, hurry next to the purple knight (watch out for the flamethrowers as they can hurt you) and hit him a few times. jump on the nearest platform and jump when he starts spinning, then, when he is dizzy, hit him. he will start spinning after a while, so avoid him by jumping on the nearest platform and jumping. then hurry to the purple knight and hit him until he starts spinning again.

GRINDER - 50 Points
Level up everything to level 8
level up armor, magic and attack to level 8. easy :)
the best way to level up is to destroy the yellow orbs on the right and left sides on the demon beast area. when you smash them both, run away, then enter and smash up the orbs, run away and repeat this till you have enough exp (this method is slow, but effective since the orbs give you 5 exp in one hit)

SLASH-N'-BURN (secret medal) - 5 Points
Chop down all the trees
chop all of the trees in the forest down with the axe

here are the exp levels: (though they would help)

level 1: 25 exp
level 2: 50 exp
level 3: 100 exp
level 4: 180 exp
level 5: 280 exp
level 6: 400 exp
level 7: 550 exp
level 8: 800 exp

level 1: 45 exp
level 2: 90 exp
level 3: 150 exp
level 4: 250 exp
level 5: 380 exp
level 6: 530 exp
level 7: 750 exp
level 8: 950 exp

level 1: 120 exp
level 2: 185 exp
level 3: 270 exp
level 4: 450 exp
level 5: 650 exp
level 6: 1100 exp
level 7: 1500 exp
level 8: 1950 exp


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2010-02-04 14:52:04

It was a good walkthrough, but it could have been more organized...

and maybe you could add some tips to defeat the bosses.... videos maybe?

...still pretty good...

Ergox responds:

good thing you told me, i edited it a litle, so now it has boss tips


2010-02-04 16:48:36

how do i get the axe?

Ergox responds:

you have to defeat the first boss and get the boots, then goto that palace thing near the starting point, to the left, jump on the platforms and the fountain, and you will get a pixie. lead the pixie north through the first boss and keep going north, you will see a ship, there is glitch the blacksmith, and he will give you the axe


2010-02-04 16:49:04


Ergox responds:



2010-02-05 07:16:18

thank you very much

(Updated ) Ergox responds:



2010-02-05 08:03:04

i was thinking on maing a walk, but it gives too much work!!(a detailed one)

W/ boss guides, tips and bests afrfmforfs and magics!!

(Updated ) Ergox responds:



2010-02-06 06:26:54

You should check out my walkthrough, yours is pretty small (of course it's good)

Ergox responds:



2010-02-07 11:13:21

you should make more walkthroughs why do you only have one

(Updated ) Ergox responds:

i have only 1?! i though there was much more. i guess some1 deleted 'em all. damn. :/


2010-02-13 11:22:15

Good guide. Although the game is easy as fuck. xD

(Updated ) Ergox responds:

it's easier than fuck


2010-02-14 14:35:08

WOW! this would been helpful if I hadn't already beat it

(Updated ) Ergox responds:

have you got the medals too?


2010-02-17 13:39:32

when you are in front of the green knight he will he you, so avoid him

did you mean hit? xD
still, very helpful thanks.

(Updated ) Ergox responds:

oh, yes


2010-06-22 13:27:10

Wow. Great walkthrough. I really wouldn't know where to get the axe XD That's again :D 10/10


2010-08-03 11:29:38